Information Does Your Time and Attendance System Save You Time and Money?

If you answer is no InOut Attendance is the solution for you!

InOut provides companies with an easy to use employee time and attendance. 
With it you can:
- Maintain records of company employees and track their time and attendance information. 
- Enable your employees to clock in and out using a simple code.
- Collect your time and attendance information at multiple computers while being connected to a single database.
- Generate reports showing hours worked, and export it to Excel or CSV file.

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Version and Price
Description Price per year Number of Employee
InOut Lite Free 3
InOut Pro15 37.00 USD 15
InOut Pro30 45.00 USD 30
InOut Pro50 55.00 USD 50
InOut Pro100 80.00 USD 100
InOut Pro300 210.00 USD 300
InOut Pro1000 500.00 USD 1000
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